Hi, I'm Loren.
I try to find the positives in every situation, but somehow always seem to fail. I like music and incense. Jason Lancaster is my hero.
Welcome to my den of inequity.

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I help run a blog called YourConfessisions.

Go back home now and go back to sleep.
And we say, go back with someone else who
Who wants you more than me. 

Posted: Feb 14th @ 17:55

This is the end of you and me. We had a good run and I’m setting you free to do as you want, to do as you please without me

Posted: Aug 7th @ 23:48

I’m going broke from the amount of concerts I’ve been/going to this year.

  • Soundwave
  • ADTR/Underoath
  • We the Kings/You Me at Six (maybe)
  • Soundwave Revolution
  • Go Radio (if confirmed)
  • Asking Alexandria/Amity Affliction

And there are rumours of others too, but none confirmed so I’m not sure yet, but there could possibly be another four added to that list. I’m going so broke. 

Posted: Jul 29th @ 17:01

Can anybody suggest some new music for me? I think most of you know my music taste haha.

Posted: Jul 22nd @ 19:17
I know, I’m finding it hard to breathe. I’ve been drowning in my own sleep. I feel a hate crashing over me… So rescue me. You Me at Six Posted: May 23rd @ 21:56
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