Hi, I'm Loren.
I try to find the positives in every situation, but somehow always seem to fail. I like music and incense. Jason Lancaster is my hero.
Welcome to my den of inequity.

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I help run a blog called YourConfessisions.

Not going to bother trying to contact anyone while I’m on holidays back home. If people want to catch up, they can contact me. Not going to run around chasing people who won’t chase me.

Posted: Aug 19th @ 21:52

I’m going home in two weeks, and to be honest, I don’t know how it’s going to make me feel. All I know is that seeing everyone for a week and then having to leave again is going to be harder than the first time. I hate being away from the people I care about.

It makes me wonder, should I have really moved in the first place?

Posted: Aug 5th @ 21:45

So, my dad got accepted into the mines. Which means he’ll be gone three weeks out of the month for six months. He leaves in like two weeks.

Posted: Apr 25th @ 11:12

So tired. I finished work last night at 11:30, went home, packed basically everything I own and went straight to Nash’s. I don’t know what’s in what bag and I’m so unorganised and got to uni forgetting books and notes and such.

I’m tired and worn out and stressing to the max because not only do I feel like I’ve been disowned by my own family for trying to do something about my future, but now I have nowhere to go. This time it’s for real. This time I’m not going back.

Posted: Mar 28th @ 11:17

I went for a big run this morning (further than usual), then had my appointments and then uni. Pretty worn out from my run, but I’m that bored I’m considering going for round two.

Posted: Mar 9th @ 17:47

I hate feeling like I have to escape from my own house. It’s happening far too often and all I’d like is someone to be able to keep me company in times like this, instead of just sitting in the car on the side of the road.

Posted: Mar 8th @ 22:13

Just starting writing a letter to you five minutes ago and I already have 390 words. Pouring my heart out on paper is so difficult when I know that you will only open it to see my hand-writing and instantly throw it out. All I’m trying to do is let you know how I’m feeling, and I can just tell that you don’t even give a damn. I’m going to send it to you anyway, just so I have my own form of closure.

Posted: Mar 7th @ 00:27

What I would give to have either Arjay or Nash by my side right now.

Posted: Mar 3rd @ 19:29

Jesus, I’m not even home for half an hour and there’s already drama.

Posted: Feb 27th @ 16:49

There are much more appealing things I’d rather be doing today than uni and work.

Posted: Feb 27th @ 08:55

Such a cute night. Rose, impala and Japanese food

Posted: Feb 14th @ 23:38
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