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I try to find the positives in every situation, but somehow always seem to fail. I like music and incense. Jason Lancaster is my hero.
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I always wear my TWLOHA shirt to music gigs and festivals… It’s so lightweight, loose and comfy. After Go Radio’s set, they got changed and headed to the signing table. Matt was wearing the same shirt! A girl who was a few people before me was wearing a different TWLOHA shirt and they hi-fived eachother and stuff, then Steve’s like hey, look at that! and pointed at me. Matt said “nice shirt” with a little wave of his hand gesture thing idk how to explain it and I said “nice shirt” and did the same gesture. The moment was good. 

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I will be so fucking stoked if Go Radio play their cover of Rolling in the Deep at Melbourne Counter Rev. 

Oh, they will. They played it at Brisbane, surely the setlist shouldn’t change too much. I’ll be bummed if it changes and you get “When Dreaming Gets Drastic”!

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Not gonna lie.


I kind of like the fact that Jason quit Mayday.  I know that sounds really messed up but before you go and judge me, let me explain.  I just feel like it accomplishes so much.  First of all, it shows who the real Mayday fans are, who stuck with the band instead of quitting with him.  Second, I kind of like being able to hear a song with all of Jason’s vocals and then being able to hear a song with all of Derek’s.  Depending on the day, I like one of them better, and getting my fill of either was hard when they sang together in every single song.  I don’t know.  I’m just a believer that everything happens for a reason.

It’s hard to walk away from something you’ve been such a huge part of for a few years, especially when you’ve made solid friendships with the people around you. So good on him for having the strength and courage to walk away from his friends (Mayday Parade) in a situation like he was, continuing on with pursuing his dream and still remaining in contact with said friends.  

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And just hold on
Tell me we’ll hold on
Cause you feel
Cause you breathe
Cause when hurting
We are worth it
We can hold on. 

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Reblog if Go Radio is your favorite band

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Anyone who lives in QLD that can get to Brisbane (around Queen Street) tomorrow, that likes Go Radio should like this because I’m trying to get a group together to go up and hang out with them :)

Message me if you’re interested!

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8.5 hour shift at work tonight :(

i just wanna stay at home on twitter all day/night waiting for updates because Go Radio is in the country.

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Something you can always expect from Go Radio is that we’ll always do as good as we can. We like to play good, solid, honest rock ‘n’ roll and try to make everybody have a good time. We try to connect with people personally. We’re always at the merch stand. We’re always talking to people Jason Lancaster, Go Radio

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