Hi, I'm Loren.
I try to find the positives in every situation, but somehow always seem to fail. I like music and incense. Jason Lancaster is my hero.
Welcome to my den of inequity.

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I help run a blog called YourConfessisions.

On a scale of 1 to A Day to Remember, how much do you hate your town?

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Posted: Aug 26th @ 20:58
Day 11 - Top Three Favourite Bands
  1. Mayday Parade
  2. Go Radio
  3. A Day to Remember
Posted: Aug 17th @ 16:17

ADTR makes everything better :)

Posted: Aug 10th @ 14:58

You’ll get what’s comin’ to you.
You’re blinded by your instincts.
I’m not your fucking game.
I’m not so easily beat.

Posted: Aug 8th @ 22:03

Someone should buy me a new ADTR baseball tee at Warped and send it to me.. considering my mum ruined mine not long after I got it.

Imagine if someone actually did though, I would forever be in their debt. I’d like.. pay them twofold and it still wouldn’t be enough LOL 

Posted: Aug 3rd @ 14:26

I’m not a huge fan of Pierce the Veil but ugh Jeremy McKinnon’s voice in Caraphernelia just blows my mind.

Posted: Aug 1st @ 08:12

I’m going broke from the amount of concerts I’ve been/going to this year.

  • Soundwave
  • ADTR/Underoath
  • We the Kings/You Me at Six (maybe)
  • Soundwave Revolution
  • Go Radio (if confirmed)
  • Asking Alexandria/Amity Affliction

And there are rumours of others too, but none confirmed so I’m not sure yet, but there could possibly be another four added to that list. I’m going so broke. 

Posted: Jul 29th @ 17:01

Can anybody suggest some new music for me? I think most of you know my music taste haha.

Posted: Jul 22nd @ 19:17

Does anyone know where I can get ADTR’s Ocala, FL. baseball tee online?

My mum decided to fucking ruin mine and I actually hate her guts right now. I bought it at their show and I can’t find it anywhere online. Please link me if you know, I’m so devastated I’m actually in tears.


Posted: Jun 12th @ 18:52

Unpopular opinion time.

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Posted: Jun 8th @ 16:12

They’ve got me on the outside looking in, but I can’t see at all with the weight of the world on my shoulders. They just wanna see me fall. Have faith in me.

Posted: Apr 11th @ 20:33
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