Hi, I'm Loren.
I try to find the positives in every situation, but somehow always seem to fail. I like music and incense. Jason Lancaster is my hero.
Welcome to my den of inequity.

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I help run a blog called YourConfessisions.


gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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im so tired but ill probably be awake until 3 am for no reason

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I enjoy seeing new places. Kareem Abdul-Jabba (via kushandwizdom) Posted: Jul 24th @ 23:26
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Don't Speak by No Doubt Posted: Jul 24th @ 23:25
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Tears Dry on Their Own by Amy Winehouse Posted: Jul 24th @ 23:25


take your lindsay hate and slam dunk it in the trash

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M.I.A. is like the cool older sister who was the first sibling in the family to take the heat for everything and paved the way for you and your right to party

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"you shouldn’t be depressed, people have it worse than you"

finally, after years of searching, the person with the worst life ever is found. formally, they are granted permission to be sad. but only them. only they have earned it. no sads for anyone else at all ever

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Posted: Jul 24th @ 23:23
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